Tuesday, July 19, 2005

my socks (and the hobo gloves)

i maintain that there is no feeling in this world better than brand new, warm, fuzzy socks. my socks are quite amazing. for starters, there is the feeling of receiving socks; this can come from many places, but in my case socks are a, 'unbirthday present' from my beloved grandmother (beloved chiefly becuase of the socks). while this may seem somewhat odd i look forward for months to the time of new socks, guessing at the colour, fabric, texture and warmth of the socks, and envisioning that sensuous feeling of walking in partially melted marshmallow or warm mud.

these particular socks are bright pink and made of something that feels like duck-feathers without the problem of an attatched duck. they have a certain sensation of walking through heaven and hell simultaneously. this is even more interesting as my use of this metaphor and these socks proves a certain beleif in ecclesiastical principles and teaching which i had no idea was in there, how odd.

the only negative aspect of these delectable socks is their slipperyness. wonderful as they are they did cause a particularly embarrassing fall in my front garden this morning while looking for my cat. so if you think of it a certain way it could actually be considered the fault of the cat rather than the socks, for the socks are completely wonderous and incredible, like the dalai lama or the beach in winter.

while in telling you all about my wonderful socks i may as well tell u about my hobo gloves. these wonderous gloves were a birthday present (thank u kate w) of a particularly useful nature. they are green, blue, pink, red, yellow and orange striped and has no fingertips. these are great gloves because i can use them to type to you lot, read in bed, distraction from homework and all that cal. they also have an unusual and surprising use. when drinking tea, coffee, cocoa or a similar beverage on a cold day these golves provide the perfect warming mechanism. while the wool distributes the majoirty of the heat and sheilds your hands from that burny feeling you can still periodically gain extra warmth from placing your un-gloved fingers on the cup, then removing them before said burny feeling kicks in.

dammit, the moving people have come back. there is now a large, imposing moving van parked on our kerb. as such, it is in my personal space, which is grossly intrusive. i think i'll go shout at them for a while, ta ra my sweetlings.


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