Saturday, October 29, 2005

the giggle-loop

hello everybody,
i've come, perhaps to ruin your lives, in a surprising way. normally if i should want to ruin your lives i should simpy hang around for an extended period of time and wait for you to kill yourself, but this way i can ruin many at a time, so it has come to be my preference

the giggle-loop has gone a fair way to ruining my life, and my sense of self resect. to know the giggle-loop is to be a part of the giggle-loop. this term refers to that feeling, you know the one i mean, when youre at a terrifically event, such as a funeral, and you are taken by a sudden desire to giggle. as you supress the giggle rises in your chest, growing and growing, until finally its almost choking you. you try coughing it out, but somehow it just doesnt work, and in the end you either burst out laughing, or just plain burst. its like a donkey sitting on your throat.

i found that before my knowledge of the giggle loop, i found it pretty easy to keep in, but after...... it has been a sad affliction to many, but bravely bourne, as bourne it must be my you all now, my dear friends. i'm sorry to do this horrible thing to you, but i was bored.

my explaination really has not done the damn thing justice, so for further information on the giggle-loop (or the giggle-stack as it is sometimes, incorrectly, known) see the amazingly amusing BBC series Coupling. to see Coupling, see Cait.
peace out


Anonymous The Jenius said...

YOU KNOW THE GIGGLE LOOP??? My god Coupling is awesome:D One of my favourite shows, I have every season :D

4:00 am  
Anonymous Elle said...

hmmm? well ive heard heaps about the giggle loop but i dont think ive got it...well maybe i do..but the times i giggle 4 no reason is wen i have a ova load of grenadine..n I love coupling...cyas ***

11:57 am  
Blogger Cait said...

Damn. So close - I was just about to post that! I expect to be seeing the ramifications of this on the Evening News, Arnie!!

3:07 pm  
Blogger Cait said...

Also, you have to check out "The Prickles, The Blurts and The Head Laugh" - it'll change your life
: p

3:14 pm  
Anonymous The Jenius said...

Ooooh yeah.

3:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooo yeh me

9:18 pm  
Anonymous bec said...

oi kirani are you going to be at school anytime before next tues ? ms hewett is organizing a thingo for midalia to be liek 'hay thanks for running creative writing club' & has given me a card to get people to sign . creative writing people . & even though you havent been for like a year or 2 twould still be awesome if you could sign teh card . soooo tell me when you will be at school and such .

2:25 pm  

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