Monday, November 14, 2005

gough whitlam

ok, i know this is going to sound a little odd, but has anyone else noticed the marked similarity between gough whitlam and dame edna/barry humphries?!


Anonymous Ellebelle said...

I hav a feelin thats true...but I cant exactly rememba gough exams r goin well! Elle ****(that was such a bad comment I made) make sense)

5:53 pm  
Anonymous The Jenius said...

Whitelam you cad. ;)

6:59 pm  
Anonymous The Jenius said...

Check it out

7:00 pm  
Anonymous Ellebelle said...

lol...just looked at that site...

10:42 pm  
Blogger Mephistopheles said...

you mean they both have a penis and curly hair?

Or they both throw tea parties in Melbourne suburbs?

Or they have both been failed prime-ministers of Australia with the labor party.

OH, I know, how they both wear floral dresses and everyone laughs at them! Yes, i DO see the similarities.

7:14 pm  

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