Monday, August 08, 2005


i often wonder what unit you would use to measure rationality? its a commonly recognised conundrum. i think its an important idea that has so far been materially ignored and marignalized.

and once a measure has been found, i have a thought. could we not then conduct experiments on where rationality goes once it has left the human mind? it seems to be a common conception that reason and precrious rationality goes 'out the window', which is an interesting idea. i wonder where it would go if there were no other escape. would that rationality simply float around the room, or inside the mind? to test this we could indeed seal a human inside a crackless concrete bunker. this would have the double effect of making the human in question lose their reason and calm, and also trapping the rationality as it escapes. we need simply to find that all inportant measure and a method through which to detect it. any thoughts that would assist us in this project are welcome.


Anonymous Sweets said...

I think of rationality not as a thing itself, but as the absence of insanity. Insanity can be measured on the convenient "Loony scale" named after Edgar Loony. On this scale, "normality" scores a zero, minor eccentricities such as wearing odd socks on a regular basis score a 1, running down the street naked yelling "Look, im a butterfly!" gets a 5, and you can work it out from there.

6:22 pm  
Anonymous Foolio said...

but if rationality is meerly the absence of insanity... then wat is the opposite of insanity?

11:08 pm  
Anonymous sweets said...

Rationality is the absence of insanity in the same way coldness is the absence of heat. Something apparently cold is merely something with less heat than what your comparing it too. Someone apparently rational is merely someone low on insanity.

7:28 pm  

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