Thursday, August 04, 2005

boredom factor = 21.6

current music - abbey road
current annoyance - cat (more specifically cat claws)
current cause of pain - that damn bulldog clip on my ear
other causes of pain - cher cd playing in the kitchen

evening all. am doing hmwk and being hugely productive *cough*bullshit*cough* as per usual. and as im being so so productive and studious i decided to further waste time and post once more to you all in an attempt to pretend my existence has a point.

further in this attempt to justify my existence i will state that abbey road is deffinatly one of the worlds greatest albums. and is more than interesting listening first to the wonder and brilliance of that, then going to the stuff john lennon did with the plastic ono band,just to compare and contrast, as lit encouages us so fiercly to do. in short, it sucked hugely by comparison. while some is reasonable, it looses both its punch and originality. ok, ill admit that some of its ok, like beatiful boy, imagine, power to the people, and give peace a chance (give jesus pants....), but compared to the older stuff.......

anyhow, curently listening to here comes the sun, always fantastic.

am also trying to find a good download for karma chameleon by boy george. sad but true.

anyhoo, several weeks ago i bought a book of a thousand and one limericks. this was in a pathetic effort to remedy my sad boring life. it didnt work, but that doesnt mean i cant torture you with bad taste limericks till the cows come home. for instance

a tired young trollop of nome
was warn out from her toes to her dome
eight miners came screwing
she said 'nothing doing;
one of you has to go home.'
terrible huh. howz this one;
there was a young fellow named hammer
who had an unfortunate stammer
'the bane of my life'
he said 'is my wife.
d-d-d-d-d-d-damn her!'
and just when you thought it was all over
our ships captain, nicknamed 'old randy'
made advances to any girl handy
but when shipwrecked awhile
an a bleak desert isle
he made do with our midshipman sandy
im sorry, but it just had to be done. anyhow, after making you suffer such pain id better go and do some actual work.
g'nite my sweetlings


Blogger The Demolitions Expert said...

21.6 wat exactly?

11:51 pm  
Blogger Rani-Banani said...

i dunno. but it felt like a 21.6 day

10:35 am  

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