Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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How long have we been in Singapore? Well, let me ust check on my pocketwatch... my $5 pocketwatch! Apparently, we've been here long enough to buy atleast one (or in the others' cases, many) useless items at bargain prices.

hello my sweetlings. singapore is fantastic! hows leavers????!!!! we want all the stories, feel free to include them as comments so we can laugh at you sooner rather than later. to even the odds, heres an opportunity to laugh at us. well, selina anyhow. thing is, she managed within 5hrs of landing, to get locked in the bathroom, 18 floors off the ground. after whacking uselessly at the door for half an hr with various household implements, we eventually had to call in a locksmith! she was stuck in the bathroom for about an hr and a half, while we played blackjack and fish under the door. here are the photos. laugh, laugh hard. we did.

I am in heaven! Shopping here is fantadastic (as Selina would say) cds for $7, pocket watches (yes, pocket watches) for $5 and much much more! Stay tuned for more of our shopping adventures....only one dollar one dollar!

Ok, singapore officially has the COOLEST taxi drivers!!!! one of them broke the ice by singing unchained melody (elvis) then proceeded to tell us every corny joke he knew eg what sort of birds do you hear during dinner????? SWALLOWS!!!! also whenhe asked how many hundeds of thousands of dollars we had brought with us he refused to forget that i have $200 000 apparently therefore i must be george bush. so then we all had to take on the personas of ugly old politicians; kirani=john howard/monica lewinsky (same person)jess=hilary clinton and cait=donald rumsfeld. that gave him an opening for another corny joke; "you're not bush you're a flower". as a final salute he joined us in a chorus of "you are the wind beneath my wings" with comments: "but you don't even know my name, you've only just met me"

well, thats it from us for today, but we will be back (*RUN*)

toodlepip my sweetlings

rani, cait, jess, selina


Anonymous The Jenius said...

Sounds like fun, and may I say Selina looks HOT in that last photo. I'm still here, leaving tomorrow - can't wait!

10:36 pm  
Anonymous bec said...

zomg i didnt know you were already in singapore lol . it sounds excellent & haha yes singaporean taxi drivers are entertaining ! and kinokuniya pwns . and if its caitlin martin with you tell her i want to read her parnellconnor story :O

4:58 pm  
Anonymous Ellebelle said...

Hey guys..Much Love 2 u all! Hope ur havin fun! Elle *****

9:00 pm  

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