Saturday, July 23, 2005

the putrification and bastardization of humanity that is english literature

what the fuck is the point of a lit class, i ask you?! i mean, you read depressing books, through which you learn that you are stupid, human kind has befouled itself through its acts of dissipation and that anyone who chooses to rebel will be visited by some form of horrible and graphic retribution. as if we dont learn those things soon enough anyway. english classes/teachers may treat you like a retarded 4yr old, but at least they dont purposely try to impart a bleak and hopeless world view on every unfortunate being that passes through.

that, i suppose, is all well and good, but theres more. they take perfectly wonderful texts (Ibsen's Ghosts, Medea, The Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum, The Great Gatsby, etc) and impart an awful lot of meaning, mainly resultant from their own sense of disappointment in their sad little lives, totally unmeant by the author. this includes misreading of symbols, drawing themes outta thin air and generally crapping on. even this may be acceptable if it wasnt for the teachers air of contemptuous disdain for any opinion not belonging to them and their whole attitude of arrogance.

and god forbid you should actually voice an opinion *gasp*, or worse....and opinion NOT out of spark or brody notes. unthinkable! i mean, its a subject supposedly based around personal views and the ability to argue a point of view. that is, not a subject where you are greatly rewarded for quoting the teachers stupid fucking ideas numerous times in a text. and for students with a more puckish, perverse,.... annoying sense of humour, this presents a huge problem. those who exoerience this, like me, will know what i mean. by the bery fact that some jerk is patronizing your actual, semi-constructive point of view, that sense of humour almost forces you to come up with increasingly pointless ideas, such as the link between Ghosts and Starwars characters. you dont understand why you are compelled to do this, and yet you cant help it. even write it in essays, or quote unhelpfully to conclude "that is not it, that is not what i meant at all", which as you will probably notice, negates everything you have written to date. but on the upside, it does piss off that arrogant fucking bitch you have for a teacher. mine is, admittedly not too bad, pretty odd herself, until you point out that quoting in french from a totally different text at odd intervals is not only pointless but also highly pretentious, or express an opinion a llittle out of the ordinary. then they have th gall to put on reports things like "needs to apply herself". well, all i can really say, is fuck them! fuck them all and may they rot forever in eternal torment!


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