Thursday, August 11, 2005


i have in the past 24 hrs emptied every pocket that i own as a part of my 'lets-find-all-those-things-ive-lost' campain. to make this moment cheesier i played youve got her in your pocket the whole time. it would have been nice to have some variety but unfortunately thats the only song readily available to me in which pockets are a prominent lyric.

in said pockets i found:
  1. string
  2. fluff
  3. $29.32
  4. lost keys
  5. 2nd set of lost keys
  6. plastic bambi
  7. 400 lire
  8. pens - various colours
  9. old theatre tickets
  10. receipts
  11. locket
  12. flake wrapper
  13. bank receipts
  14. pay slip
  15. chinese fan (purchased for $2.50 - freo markets - 2001)
  16. pocket knife with broken blade.
  17. candle shavings
  18. lip gloss
  19. lip gloss
  20. lip gloss (realized i own 2 much lip gloss)
  21. little book of boredom
  22. random key
  23. glitter
  24. more pocket fluff

so, that, in a nutshell is the contents of my pockets. entertaining huh. didnt find anything i actually needed, but hey, it keeps me off the street

love and hugs and arsnic to you all


Anonymous bec said...

'silver rocket' by sonic youth also mentions pockets !

3:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehe - have found the school photos of you and your form... You looked so... so... happy!

5:11 pm  
Anonymous sweets said...

You left the "e" out of "arsenic"

7:02 pm  
Blogger Rani-Banani said...

i did NOT look happy! under no circumstances did i look happy

10:59 pm  
Anonymous bec said...

hahaha i have the shags panagram from 2001 and yr like in the row up from me :D

12:42 pm  

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