Thursday, November 24, 2005

Day 2: Attack of the sore feet

Hello all,

Day two's almost over and wow are we broke! Shopping for five hours straight really takes it out of a girl. Collectively - here is a list of things bought:
2x Indian Pixie Shoes
1x Dominatrix Heels
3x purses
4x bags
24x books
rings, necklaces, stationary, shirts, skirts and cd's, cheesy watches, wallets etc etc.
All in all a good days work, I'd say.

Restaurant Review:
Coffee Club Express - 0.5/5 stars only because none of us have thrown up yet! Never ever ever ever ever ever ever go to a Coffee Club Express. The worst cafe ever!!!!!we started to realise things were going wrong when i saw them making my "passionfruit freeze". all the normal things went in eg. ice, passionfruit juice, then the last ingredient was a large scoop of what i think looked like blue frog spawn. So when i got the drink it was white! has anyone else heard of white passionfruit juice because i sure as hell haven't!!! it was foul! on top of that they couldn't give me a croissant with cheese ham AND tomato because it wasn't programed into the till. so when my cheese/tomato( and lettuce and mayonaise which i didn't ask for) came it was small flat and burnt. yuk!

and while we're one the topic of disgusting/weird food, check this out;


If there was one reason to love Singapore (besides the people, the beaches, the atmosphere etc) it would be the kinokuniya bookshop. This bookshop... this bookshop was a good 19.6 times bigger than your average Dymocks store - seriously! You couldn't see one side from the other! It was fantastic! There were people sitting in the aisles reading, atleast 100m straight of Literature, general fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and anything else you can imagine. So, considering who we are (especially Kirani), we must have spent a good hour or two walking around this store, being overwhelmed and on the verge of hyperventilating (again, Kirani). I got lost FIVE times! It was amazing! Between us we managed to purchase 24 books of varying sizes and copious amounts of stationary. Nice.

Shopping. Wow, well what can i say- they have everything here! Even the little man at the door of the Louis Vuitton (yes, Louis Vuitton) store opened the door for us and let me into pure torture- everything was absolutely gorgious but wow oh so expensive. But that was only a taser. Image 1000 shops all along Orchard road, with 6 or more floors of Gucci, FCUK, Esprit, Chanel, Cartier, Tiffanys, Armani, Miss Sixty, Nine West and much much more. It is like i have died and gone to heaven- except in heaven i would have a limitless amount of money to spend!

Cheerio till tomorrow,

Jess, Kirani, Selina and Cait


Anonymous Ellebelle said...

Hey again guys...That food didnt look 2 flash n fresh (ok elle dont use those words)...anyway so yeh Ill rememba wat u said bout not goin 2 that geez..24 books..can u fit them in ur room kirani?lol...n I would imagine theyd b thick books coz we all no how much kirani LOVES Lit..n all that...The fashion n jewelery (cant spell that word..well dunno if its right)...sounds amazingly fantasticly gr8 coz theyre all my Fav shops...Much Love 2 u all n Ill go on now 2 reading the rest bout ur trip..Elle ***

9:07 pm  

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