Saturday, August 13, 2005

gd evening all, and how are we on this marvelously cold night?

you know, you realize how truly sad your life is when your life is filled by msn and all things turkish. you know its even sadder when that consists of the 4 people that actaully are on msn on a friday night, turkish coffee and delight, and watching bride and prejudice of all things in company with mother and cat. i mean, bride and prejudice really isnt bad, but still, when youre watching an indian remake of jane austen........ need i say more?

on another note its 2 wks till spring, which means 3 months till summer and beach season. yay! cant wait until the warm weather and lazy days that i can spend stretched out in the warm warm sun and periodically going for dips in all that cool blue water. then the lazy walk home to the train station then on down victoria street and home to lie around. go for long walks and learn bass guitar and pointlessly complicated REM music on piano. and what bliss it will be to find summer clothes again, so much less cloying and banana smoothies in the mornings, and itll be the right weather for cereal, and you can wash your hair without having to blow dry it or freeze to death. oh, oh and the best bit of all, the very very best, the sweet sweet sunshine!

ah well, dare to dream of something that wonderful to get through the next tough months

dream dream dream
love to you all a million zillion times over


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can u actually like the beach... theres just... 2 much sand...

2:21 am  
Anonymous Sweets said...

Me, I'm a big fan of winter. Id prefer a good storm to the oppresive heat of summer any day. How can sand and sun compete with the enchanting sound of rain, and the sky filled with infinite shades of grey?

6:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm...i agree n i can't wait till..lets c...sept,oct..well hey thats like only 2 mths left of skool 4eva n eva!! i hope i graduate that

8:18 pm  

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