Friday, November 25, 2005

day the third

what did day three have in store for us i hear you cry, well here it is. if you thought we were all shopped out yesterday then you we're wrong. we found a wonderful little shoe store where nothing was more than $30 so naturally kirani bought 3 pairs, although these ones are somewhat less 'dominatrixesque'.jess came a close second, buying 2 pairs. i got my mum a genuine POLO wallet for $40 which makes me wonder whether if really is genuine but the important thing is that my mum will never know the difference! One thing we found amusing was the name of this shop;

then we found a place for Jess to get all the photos that shes been collecting up over the year developed. the place was amazing, they printed all 475 photos in 45mins then they gave her 10 free mini photo albums. it may interest you to see some of the photos we came across;

After copious amounts of shopping we all caught a cab home for a well deserved rest and swim. Unfortunately for us, we didn't have the pool to ourselves...

I present to you, the 'Paedophiles from the North'

We were happily making fools of ourselves diving off diving boards when we realised we had an audience... who clapped at us. They looked to be a father-son team, which was all the more disturbing... So we ditched them (after the official-looking guy in the white shirt came over and told them to nick off) and sunbaked to our heart's delight. Mildly burnt but slightly more tanned!

After that was time for our trip to the zoo, or 'night safari'. Catching a London Cab into the zoo grounds we made for the nearest Bongo Burger and ate (real) chips and hamburgers and drank lemonade out of jars...

after the joy of consuming real, actual food, we set off on the 'night safari' part of the night safari. it was all set up like a wilderness with different parts representing different places, ie, savannah, and the aminals thereof and therein. all the critters were illuminated with soft lighting and a tour guide in our littlezebra striped trolley with the soft voice told us all about their little quirks and fancies. we then alighted, and went off to find some leopards. unfortunately, also looking for leopards were a groups of annoying tourists, australians *pft!*, who didnt seem to understand the whole concept of quiet. we shushed them somewhat effectively in the giant flying squirrel cage, but they reccurred as we got to the leopards, making such intelligent comments as "oh look, a cheetah" *head slap*. after we had seen a rather gorgeous leopard, we took off again on the zebra striped trolley, this time with an entirely new guide. she was so cool! think playschool meets the jungle book- she had one of those carefully modulated voices complete with many pauses for dramatic emphasis. We also discovered that she had a thing for cows when she pointed out the asian cows with their "sexy white stockings". more than a little odd.

selina seems to hold a peculiar attraction for fruit bats. or so it seemed when they continually dive bombing her throughout the night. after that, we caught the show in the junglish amphitheatre. so incredibly cute! although kevin, the american presenter with the accent and the hand signals was more than a little annoying. the show was great, involving alot of performing animals, including a cervil, a reticulated python, and something that looked alot like selinas cat beckham. they solved the litter problem with their recycling otters *CUTE!* and there was a striped hyena wandering around in the background with no particular purpose. there was a bit of an uncomfortable moment when kevin realised the volunteer he picked to handle the python was actually a canadian, but that passed ok, and all was well in the animal kingdom. the animals were great, very well trained, which is more than i can say for kevin himself, but hey, hes american, what else can you expect.



Anonymous bec said...

i cant tell what the thing in the 2nd last picture is and im not sure if i want to know . D:

6:25 pm  
Anonymous ElleBelle said...

Oh god! I only just noticed something even more twisted bout that photo of u n goyder...u prob no wat it is already..otherwise its prob best if i keep it 2 myself..anyway..movin on..The zoo or wateva it was called sounds fab...Much Love again...Elle***

9:12 pm  

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