Sunday, August 14, 2005

99 red balloons

just to demonstrate my amazing ability to learn totally useless information, im going to astound you all by typing out the cool german bit in 99 red balloons by golfinger. it must be noted that this is mostly for my benefit in learning it, and you wont really have definitive proof that i did it from memory, but ull just have to trust me. also, how awsum is that song! its fantastic! amazing! incredible! really really good! and cait, flea, jess, anyone who speaks german, id be glad to have a bit of a translation as i really dont know what im singing.

99 kreigsminister
streicholz und benzinkanister
heilten sich fur schlaur leutte
witterten schon fette beute
Reifen: kreig und wolten macht
mann wer haette das gedacht
das es einmal soweit kommt
wegen 99 luftballons
see, i did it! dont you just wish you were all as supremely talented as me?!
ill leave you with your jealously then


Anonymous bec said...

babelfish says -

99 more kreigsminister streicholz and gasoline cans healed themselves fur schlaur leutte witterten already greases hives tires: kreig and wolten makes man who would have that thought it once so far comes because of 99 ballons

which is about as coherent as babelfish gets really D:

10:37 pm  
Blogger The Demolitions Expert said...

99 War ministers match and gasoline canister held smelled called themselves for sly people already fat prey:
war and wanted would have thought comes power man, who that that it once so far ways 99 air balloon


11:14 pm  
Blogger Cait said...

will you hurt me if I point out all your spelling mistakes?

10:12 am  
Blogger Rani-Banani said...

yes, i will hurt you. the point being I REMEMBER IT!

11:38 am  
Blogger Mephistopheles said...

there is an english version you know. Saves a lot of trouble.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Rani-Banani said...

and yes, i do realize this, but the german does give it a little extra panash dont you agree

11:40 pm  

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