Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Fourth Day, the Wakeboarding

Good Eeeevening.
Wow - have we had a day! We got up significantly later today and bummed around the flat until about 1315 (that's 1:15pm in pilot-speak) then the four of us, my dad and his coworker, Dave, went for a bit of a wakeboard. Now, for all of you who do not know what wakeboarding is, I'll give you a quick rundown:
Think of a snowboard that requires large amounts of hand-soap to get into. This is a 'wakeboard'. Essentially, you sit in the water, attached to the board, hold on to the rope and let the boat pull you upright. And let me tell you its bloody difficult until you get the hang of it!

Eventually, we all managed to ride the board and even do some nifty turns. We were then completely shown up by Dave who turned out to be a bit of a profficient on the wakeboarding front. The only consolation was the fact that, yes, he could jump the wakeboard... but he could not land. Naturally, much clapping and general bruising occured:

Its true! People falling over *is* funny!

'Please don't let me break a rib, please don't let me break a rib...'

Kirani 'wakeboard extraordinaire' Carlin

Jess getting the hang of things

Moments before my arms fell of from sheer exhaustion

Its not that we're jealous or anything...

And if this wasn't enough, we were invited over to another of dad and Dave's mate's places for dinner. We had spagbol cooked for us and we sat round on the couches listening to music, eating and generally chatting. All in all, very good fun.

Here's the group of us (ignore the beer can... you cannot see the beer can... there is no beer can)

Right. I *am* going to bed now - we're off to Sentosa tomorrow to be freely and embarrissingly touristy.

So, as Kirani would say - toodlepip and all that, wot wot.


Anonymous Ellebelle said...

Sounds gr8 once again..n yeh kirani does look like an expert wake boarder or wateva its 2 u all ..Elle***

9:16 pm  

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