Saturday, August 20, 2005

my bass

i got my bass. YAY!

it took us an hr of driving to get there, all the way out to kinross. i gotta say, that is truly the sticks. at th end of this guys street was a national park, then the western desert. i mean, if bull creek is the sticks soph, then this is really woop woop. so far out that th road map shoulda said 'here be dragons' instead of 'national park'.

but now, i have a bass. all that now remains is to learn to play it. will expound its virtues further in subsequent entries after we're better acquainted, bass and i, but for now all that i'll say is that its black and beautiful.

nite all

ps, still looking for a name for it, any suggestions welcome


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool...can't wait 2 c it! im really bad at namin things so i prob cant help u there..cyas

12:47 pm  
Blogger Mephistopheles said...

name it Barry White. not only is it ironic, cos it's black, but it's also large, black, sexy, full of bass and with a fat head - just like him.

Post a pic up, i wanna see.

7:31 pm  
Blogger Cait said...

How about Bass (pronounced B-ass, not base) the Bass... You could paint a fish on it!

8:45 pm  
Anonymous bec said...



b bb bbb bbbaaaaassssssss

bass !

call it lord huntington

& learn to play otherside !

11:00 pm  

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