Sunday, November 27, 2005

Apparently we look 23...

after friday night's dinner two of the guys took kirani, jess and I (selina) clubbing! yay! i'll leave the details of that to your imaginations..... so since we got in at 3.00am it was technically day 5. Jess then got up at 7.30 crazy crazy girl.

today was the day for us to be stereotypical tourists; we went to Sentosa island. much to Kirani and Jess' consternation we took the cable car which carried us across to the island 200 metres above the ocean. we took pleanty of cheesy tourist shots and bought overpriced souveniers and ice cream for lunch. unfortunately the Merlion was under construction so the sound of jack hammers 'shattered the brilliantly constructed illusion of serenity'.
We then headed off for the beaches - sun, sand, palm trees, oil tankers. It was lovely. To the left were palm trees and little cafes and to the right were Malaysian tankers and container ships... picturesque!
Well, we thought so-

After narrowly avoiding a storm (the cable cars weren't *that* strong!) we headed back to the flat for some well deserved rest... or so we thought...

Having finally woken up, we managed to organise another night out with the guys - and since we've been here for a while we realised we needed to wash and dry some of our clothes. Singapore being so bloody humid means that nothing dries in less than a day (or 7) so we decided to brave the little washer/dryer unit that we have in the flat.

Looks innocent, no?

May I just say first, in my own defense, that the instructions for this little machine are REALLY hard to follow. So, after washing our clothes TWICE we finally figured out how to put the machine into "dry" mode.

Two hours later and we discovered the temperature was stuck below 30C and our clothes were still sopping wet. We bumped up the temperature to about 100C and pressed the 'go' button again.

Another hour later and we still had wet jeans. We only had 45 minutes to get ready so things started getting a little desperate. Going between a dryer door that doesn't open while the thing is on, rain, wet shirts, an iron that only has a steam setting and an unopened (until now) box of Ferrero Rochers we finally decided we had to take action or wear wet clothes. So how did we deal with this I hear you cry?

Weapon no. 1: The iron - so steam ironing wet clothes doesn't *actually* dry them.

Weapon no. 2: Hairdryers (x2) - marginally more effective than the iron, we draped our clothes over chairs and proceeded to blow-dry them while listening to the Beatle's Yellow Submarine album.

In the end we discovered that the best way to dry the jeans was through body-jean heat transferral. Ie Jess and Kirani had to wear wet jeans out while Selina and I wore nice, dry skirts!

Eventually we found our way to the Stanford hotel and met up with Dave and Pete, the guys from the night before. The hotel was very swish - there was even a lady in the bathroom to hand you a paper towel! We cruised our way up to the 71st floor and managed to get into the Equinox Bar (there isn't a bar that's further off the ground in the Northern Hemisphere!) even though the minimum age was 23... which we later found out that none of us were above. Selina having caught a cold and not wanting to mix flu tablets with alcohol (good Selina) ordered a Lemon, Lime & Bitters... Unfortunately they didn't seem to know what exactly that *was* so Selina ended up with something that tasted distinctly like Lime juice and soda water - yum! After being joined by Justin and Matt we washed that down with some Indian food and more drinks in a little dockside Indian restaurant . Selina and I being absolutely intolerant when it comes to anything mildly hot stayed with the garlic-flat-bread-stuff and good old steamed rice. Three hours later Selina and I packed ourselves into a taxi and headed off to the flat leaving Kirani and Jess to partay on.

With a ratio of 2 21-24 year old pilots to 1 girl we'll let you know what happens when (and if) they return!

Nighty night,

Cait and Selina (the sober ones)


Anonymous sweets said...

Hooray for the sober ones! Sounds like your all having a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you when you get back! I had an awesome time in busso, for anyone who cares. Much love!

5:52 pm  
Anonymous Foolio said...

ur on leavers and choose 2 b sober???

9:08 pm  
Anonymous Ellebelle said...

EeeK!!! So these guys r 21-24 ...hmmm...riteo n kirani n jess still arent with u...hope theyre ok...U GUYS MUST TELL ME ALL THE GOSS ABOUT WAT HAPPEND W WHO N WHERE..ok well maybe not that much u no...Miss u guys heaps(girls i should ya..Elle ***

9:23 pm  

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