Sunday, November 27, 2005

day the sixth - a defence

firstly, i'd like to mount a defence on behalf of jess and myself to the accusations made against us. we did in fact get home. that at least was a gross falsehood against us. the state in which we got home, and the time was more or less right, but thats not the point. the others really rather missed out in fact, to my mind, as the bar and club we went to were pretty amazing. we crawled home at 4:15ish, and then slept till 10. thats all there is, there isnt any more! nothing that you will ever hear about anyway.

Moving on. Well, today we bought this (even though all the muscles in our bodies (kirani's brain included) were screaming):

Righto- we're off to eat and drink and watch Coupling.
More tomorrow when we're more compos mentos.


Blogger The Demolitions Expert said...

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1:02 am  
Anonymous ElleBelle said...

I wasnt making any accusations...I was thinking bout those guys n theres not that bigga age difference...soz...Miss u guys heaps! Elle ***

1:45 pm  

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