Wednesday, November 30, 2005

new endings and sweet beginnings

god i'm tired! but i intend to stay up just a little longer to fill in you, my dear readers, on the doings of today and the wonder of life just now. and yes, i do realise how pretentious that sounds, but i really truly dont care.

to start with, the plane got in at 12:30 this morning, and once i got to bed, i could barely sleep anyway. when i did sleep, and wake, i couldnt beleive i was home. it was sorta disappointing in a way. after a week of being treated like an adult, i feel like ive aged a decade. i feel more refined and sophisticated somehow, and its rather nice. on the plane cait and i talked more than we have in months, really talked about things honestly. we decided that the circumstances and the people from singapore have really really raised the bar for us. yes, in case any of our sing mates decided to read this, i am talking about you guys, dont let you ego get out of control though :p anyhow, it'll be nice to start living now really.

in other news, i think i finally got stupid 'sexual healing' outta my head. damn that song! it has embarrassed me so greatly over the past few days and nearly driven me up the wall in the process. and if anyone knows the name or the artist of that awesome indian thing going around with all th bells and such, comment and let me know, we need it for our holiday cd. ta

anyhow, tonight was our valedictory dinner, so i'm writing this with teary eyes. talk about a nostalgia fest! i almost cried though the presentations, and through father p's homily thingy. it was so very moving, and deeply touching. he may be a little crazy, but he knows how to work a crowd. when sham started singing, i really lost it, and during the dvd my eyes were prickling like mad. my mascara was saved, however, by the clip they slipped in from ITS ACADEMIC!!!! at that point pure embarrassment took over and teary emotion was put on the back burner.

beautiful things were said, promises were made, and i found out that cristine doucas actually likes me (i thought that smile was tolerant embarrassment mostly) which was rather nice really.
so, all i can really say to round it all off, is

goodnight, acheive your dreams and cleanse your souls.

as irreligious as i am, i cant help but quote father P in saying "bless you all" and fare on fair voyagers



Blogger Cait said...

two words - Marvin Gaye

12:30 pm  
Blogger Mephistopheles said...

If i hear one more allusion to sexual healing I'm gonna be violently ill.

1:29 pm  
Anonymous Ellebelle said... was quite a nite...very exciting..very emotional and I fianally feel recognised by the skool! Yeh! Much Love n ttyl..Elle***

2:01 pm  
Anonymous bec said...

lol its academic !

5:51 pm  

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