Sunday, October 22, 2006


well hello me dearies, im back, however fleetingly and temporarily, here i am.

i am here, largely, because i wanted to write,and found my inability to create anything beautiful and meaningful and lasting somewhat irritating.

i wanted to write a script,and i wrote some, but then it ground to a holt like a steam train without wheels for one reason or another. i have some rather good ideas for a book, but this idiotic treasonous brain of my will undoubtedly screw it up. therefore i'm a little reluctant to try. basically i dont want to wreck my potential literary genius by writing at a time in my life that metaphorically is equivalent to a cultural sink, draining away to middle point of blackness. yes, a little bleak, i know.

someone told me recently the important, invaluable clue, the cure, to that writers block i hate. it is simply this.
i like it.
anyhow, this is simply an introduction i suppose, to let you all know i'm still alive
ta ra for now my darlings


Blogger ElleBelle said...

Ah? Nearly a year left a comment on ur last post recently 2 c when u actually would be back..My blog has moved a number of times n I think I sent u an email 4 the addy..cyas **

10:53 pm  
Blogger Mephistopheles said...


12:05 am  
Anonymous bec said...

holy crap its kirani

writers block blows

so are you in canberra now ? D:

2:27 pm  
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12:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time, no see!!!!!!!! Can't believe your blog is actually alive again :D


12:00 am  

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