Friday, November 17, 2006


i wanted to be so sure. i wanted to be so certain and so right. bu i fell as lucifer fell, i tumbled to earth, a a grinning, burning body. the charm faded, and left the skull.

i want to blame you all. you ruined me, you blighted me, you expected and refused and ditched me. you left me bruised you confused you disorriented.

i want perspective on my life. i want to watch it in a movie, where the dramatic irony hurts but instructs. i want to watch me on a screen and say 'that girl is in trouble'. above all i dont want to be the girl left screaming 'how could i be so stupid, why me?'

i love to hurt, but i hate to feel hurt. i love to cry, but i hate to feel that i have to.

i would love to leave, and leave i will, but i will hate myself for doing it.

dont comment on this one, please dont, i have my own thoughts here, i dont need yours


Anonymous Sweets said...

*posts for no reason other than that you said not to*

...and when did you intend to let me know you'd started updating again?

3:37 pm  
Blogger Light Weight said...

The toastghost... Wtf

10:09 pm  

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