Monday, August 22, 2005

evening all. how are we on this bright and sunny night?

id just like to ask any who atch any form of BBC programming, do you think that odd bird sound effect is just a little odd. its in everything. was in johnathon creek, midsummer murders, foyles war, miss marple and a litany of others, and its so so so crap. with all the techonolgy we have, cant they at least find a decent dying bird effect?

in other random news, this is the beginnig of the 'bumper sticker of the week'. although this may last only 2 or 3 wks, its at least something i can do with the time that i use to procrastinate from study. here is the first 1

and also, it must be noted that 'bumper sticker of the week' should be taken as a loose term. prbably the more correct version would be the 'bumper sticker from everytime i can be bothered or come across a particularly good one'.

ok, back onto the subject of naming my bass. ive found myself several options here. firstly, as suggested by the noble wiggler, barry white, for reason you can read on previous post comments, or jude, cos everyone needs a bass called jude. also, as veech pointed out to me, the name is borne by the saint of lost causes, which is a pretty gd reason to call NEthing jude really. or i could stick with the theme and name it after a great bassist as my guitars are named for great guitarists. again, suggestions welcome.

well, must go, places to be, worlds to dominate.

nite all



Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Don't Drink n Derive' I like it!

12:02 pm  
Anonymous foolio said...

but calculus make so much more sense wen ur drunk...

3:20 pm  
Anonymous Katsa said...

Alan!! Did you go to calculus drunk... again?

10:15 pm  
Anonymous foolio said...

i cant remember...

10:29 pm  

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